Leadership Elections in February 2023

In February of 2023, we will hold our annual meeting, where we will conduct our leadership elections. Per our bylaws, all positions in the executive board are up for election at this time. Officers are:Β 

  • President
  • Vice President
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer
  • and up to three Directors.

A note on Passing the Baton:

Our president has decided not to run for reelection for a third term as president for the Miami-Dade chapter of the Florida LGBTQ+ Democratic Caucus at our February meeting.

A note from Christopher:

"It has been an honor serving as president of this chapter and leading our group through a couple of important transitions, including a name change, several important municipal races, two tough Florida legislative sessions, and our most recent GOTV efforts for our endorsed candidates this November. What I have loved most in these two years is the chance to see our members take charge as the inherent leaders that you all are. I make this announcement believing just as strongly as I ever have in the mission of our caucus: to represent the LGBTQ+ community to the Democratic Party and to engage the LGBTQ+ community to show up as full and equal citizens in our democracy."

Formation of a Nominating Committee

Per our bylaws, we have started a three-person nominating committee to publicize and recruit interest in our February elections. Members of the committee are Janelle Perez, Councilman Scott Galvin, and outgoing president Christopher Richmond.

The nominating committee wantsΒ to know if you are interested in running for a leadership role with the Flamingo Democrats. Or is there someone you would like to nominate for a position?Β Please take a minute and fill out our nomination form.

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